Swimming with Sharks: Behind the Scenes of THF's Shark Tank Adventure

by Vinay Maheshwari on Feb 16, 2024

Swimming with Sharks: Behind the Scenes of THF's Shark Tank Adventure

Episode 46, Season 2. As the episode aired, our entire operations, manufacturing, logistics, and marketing team sat still, waiting to see how our premiere on national television would pan out. Vinay and Mohit, our Founders, entered the tank to deliver a compelling pitch. Their pitch was followed by tough questions from all sharks, and the entertainment that ensued is now streaming on Sony Liv for you to review.

However, little do people know about what went on behind the scenes. 

Vinay proclaimed his ambition of becoming 'India ka Breadwaala'. This identity has become synonymous with our brand name, The Health Factory. Our customers often remember us as “Those guys who want to be India ka breadwaala”.

Additionally, our tagline ‘Bread Badlo, Aadat Nahi’ struck a chord with millions of Indians contemplating their eating habits. Their love for bread didn’t need to be compromised anymore.

Beyond the soft power impact of Shark Tank on our brand, we also experienced a huge surge in sales during the airing. Instantly, we had made it to the consideration set of the average consumer, and bread had become a healthy eating choice for the country.

If you’re a founder looking to feature on Shark Tank India, here are 3 things you must keep in mind before applying to future seasons:

1) Know your brand, know your numbers

During our appearance on the show, the Sharks grilled our founders about our brand's promise and financial figures. It's essential to recognize that your presentation is not only witnessed by the Sharks but also by a nationwide audience. Therefore, thorough comprehension of your brand identity and proficient management of your business metrics are paramount. 

2) Get your house in order before you apply 

Ensure that your business is ready to handle a sudden influx of orders, both online and offline. If you operate a small-scale ecommerce platform, take steps to prevent website crashes due to a surge in orders.  Explore additional sales channels for your brand, such as quick commerce platforms like Zepto, Swiggy Instamart, BlinkIT, Amazon, WhatsApp Business, and others. Remember,the first customer experience sets the tone.

3) Network, Network, Network

In the tank, you'll have about 40 minutes. But what comes next is what truly counts. Our Founders engaged in conversations with the Sharks even after the show, which is where things get intriguing. Following the broadcast, your email inbox will be flooded with numerous new opportunities. Seize the moment and maximize the buzz while it's still fresh, as it won't last indefinitely.